PLATEAU前回のつづき。PLATEAU(プラトー)ルーキーハッカソンに参加 その1Participate in the PLATEAU Rookie Hackathon Part 1



やはり建物のテクスチャーや形は東京渋谷や新宿が充実していて良くできているのですが、それじゃありきたりでいまいち面白くない。。。ということで、京都祇園にしてみました。僕もよく知っている街だし、昨年祇園に行ってきたばかりのメンバーもいたので、祇園で決定。ただ、渋谷のようにテクスチャーはきれいではなかったです。年内には京都祇園ももう一段レベルアップしたデータが公開されるそうで、楽しみですが、とりあえず現状のデータに3Dオブジェクトを掲載し、Oculus Quest 用データを作り、京都祇園でVR体験をしながら謎解きをするゲームを2日間で製作しました。




Continuation of the previous PLATEAU.PLATEAU(プラトー)ルーキーハッカソンに参加 その1Participate in the PLATEAU Rookie Hackathon Part 1
Rookie hackathon started with about 40 participants, surprised by the ovice system. First, as an icebreaker, introduce yourself randomly. As PLATEAU is a project of urban 3D maps, not only IT engineers but also those in architecture and urban development participated. I participated as a 3D designer. There were many UNITY and UnrealEngine engineers.

First, each person comes up with an idea.

First of all, all participants come up with their own ideas. Game production, data analysis planning, environmental simulation, etc. Write down each person’s idea plan on a spreadsheet and each person votes on each other’s ideas. The top 10 ideas are selected by the vote, and each person is divided into teams for each idea. Those who want to do it alone will work hard as “Bocchison”.

The team I participated in was a game production that solves puzzles while walking around the city.
At the PLATEAU hackathon, we create programs using publicly available 3D map data for cities. We considered which city to adopt to make the game. Initially, I was thinking of Hakata, but Hakata’s data did not have textures on the buildings and had white tofu-like buildings lined up and was not very useful… The texture and shape of the buildings are well done in Tokyo Shibuya and Shinjuku, but it’s not very interesting if it’s too common… So We decided to use Gion in Kyoto. It’s a city I know well, and there were members who had just been to Gion last year, so we decided on Gion. However, the texture was not as beautiful as Shibuya’s. It seems that another level-up data for Kyoto Gion will be released within this year, so I’m looking forward to it, but for now we have posted 3D objects on the current data and created Oculus Quest data to create a game where you can solve puzzles while experiencing VR in Kyoto Gion for two days.

Still more PLATEAU to come

Finally, my impression of participating in the PLATEAU Rookie Hackathon is that it feels like “there is still more PLATEAU to come.” The 3D maps of Shibuya and Shinjuku are quite elaborate, but most other cities are still in a state of white tofu. If it’s for disaster simulation, this much data might be enough? However, most cities that have not yet made elaborate building data are still not suitable for making entertainment apps such as tourist apps. It seems that Kyoto Gion’s data will be upgraded within this year and other cities will continue to be upgraded from now on, so I’m looking forward to it. And I hope that my hometown “Hida Takayama” will create 3D data soon. However, it seems that each local government must take the lead in creating this data. Hmm…the hurdle is high. I hope that the staff at Takayama City Hall will understand this.